How to add multiple line data to a single cell of the table?

how to add multiple line data to a single cell of the table?

Hey @Ganesha,

This isn’t currently possible. I would be curious to know what kind of information you want to keep in a single cell?

There is likely a data architecture that will achieve what you are trying to do with this limitation.


@Ganesha It is worth mentioning, however, that if you create a text input variable and configure it to be “Multiple lines” you can store multi line information into Tulip tables. It will retain its multi-line information and display as multiple lines when you load the table record later. It will not be displayed, however, when you view the table as an embedded table

multi line

the requirement is I will add several check points with the tick mark widget. once a team member tick more than 1 box respective data should store in a table cell.

referring to snap once operator ticks, I want to populate that data into the tulip table. if he ticks more than one all reports should go in one cell.
result of first tick: Part is not available in vault
result of second tick: drawing not available

@Ganesha Thanks for clarifying your use case. There are a number of options for something like this.
I’ll share some common approaches and my personal preference, but ultimately it is up to you.

  1. [Super simple] Use a multi-select widget. When the user clicks on an item it will be added to a variable. This variable will be a list of text values. When it comes time to write the information to the table, transform the array to a text value separated by commas. You can always pull this out from the table and turn it back into an array.

  1. [More work, same result] Leave your widgets as they are, but when you save, join the variables to an array and store it in a similar way as described above. I don’t know exactly how your app works, but you can use if → then’s (conditionals) to add each value based on whether or not the checkbox is checked.

  2. [Use a more robust data structure] This is my preferred method. Basically, I want each checkbox answer to be its own row in a table. This makes it much easier to build pareto’s or other analytics. To do this, I would make a unique identifier that represents the user’s session in the checklist (on step enter, store a randomstring() to a variable called “session”).

Next, for every click I would create or load a table record, also using some random identifier, but I would store the session ID itself into a field called “session”. Whether it is checked or not would also be stored, along with any other information such as the description (what are they checking) and the area, part, or location.

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Just starting out on using Tulip, and need some more guidance. Is there a expression command to turn that text string with comma delimiters back into an array that I can store in an array variable.

Welcome @Attaboy !
You can use the split function

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Thank you. for answering

Can you please help me in building logic? pulling data from the table and displaying it on the app.