Sound Improvements

  • Ability to change/control/toggle the “CLICK” sound moving from one step to another. Most of my users work with their computers muted to avoid the sound. My back-end team DEFINITELY mutes their sound.
  • Ability to import custom sounds (minimum expand the sound library) This could be a really powerful tool that isn’t as overwhelming as a video, but can convey some scripted info.
  • Ability to record sound to file in app (like camera pictures) This could be used for support or other technical related issues.


I agree the default click should probably go away. Perhaps it would make sense if operators could manage whether or not they want to hear it from within a player setting saved to their profile.

I also want to better understand some of the audio use cases you are describing. We have considered audio features, and if we were to treat audio files as a first class data type users could build all sorts of cool things we do’t anticipate. I’d love to get some of your ideas on some of the implementation details/questions we’ve considered:

  1. With video there is a corresponding widget on the screen. With audio we could:
  • implement a corresponding widget with play controls, like this sound cloud one:
  • have no controls. if the main use case is short sounds like our current step sound effect this seems reasonable. If we expose audio triggers that correspond to audio files (play, pause, etc) users could also implement their own user interface.
  • build a single audio player into the app runtime. Like the menu, this would be a Tulip built experience. If an audio file is playing there would be standard controls that appear to control the playback. This makes sense for longer files, but not short sound effects.

If we were to add richer audio features, would this mainly be to enhance current tulip apps, or would this also help you replace/integrate with other products you are currently using?


Ideally we’d be able to control the clicking either on a step-level (So a checkbox “Click Sound on Step close” or via a trigger) or on an app level (“Audible click between steps”).

The overall idea would be to communicate with my end users in more ways. For example, one of our main apps requires the end user to walk away from their station and scan nearby items. If an error occurs we can prompt a message, but it doesn’t do any good if they aren’t looking at the screen. So we’d like to be able to alert them with a “error” sound.

Another use case is reinforcing the “permanence” of submitting something. So we don’t allow our users to navigate from app to app via the menu, we guide them through triggers to the apps we want them using. The problem we run into is it’s harder for them to understand when they are submitting official data and can no longer go back. but if we could play an audio queue to prompt them when they go to or leave a page that is submitting something it could help reinforce the idea.There’s a lot of other scenarios that sound would help reinforce; deleting items, hitting targets, failing, succeeding, logging out, etc.

We’d like to move our virtual training to Tulip and audio could help a lot. Being able to control the audio with triggers and access things like “sound bite played” or something could help out. We’d like it to almost be like a museum tour, where we could build slides covering different processing and voice them over and it plays the audio on start and you can’t leave until the audio finishes.

The ability to record sound bites was an idea we had to go along with the idea of building an internal support network within Tulip. So building a pseudo chat system and the ability to request support and they could leave a soundbite to transfer to the support staff to provide more details.

When the option is available I’m an advocate for building the ability and controls as a developer. It gives me the ability to keep things on-theme and allows me to control what’s available to my end users. This is one of the reasons we don’t use form steps, because we can’t remove the cancel, submit, or menu buttons and because we can’t design it the same way we could a normal step. It’s a jarring experience.

If we had to pick one feature to have first, we could do a lot of work with a standard set (tulip provided) of sound effects to use.


This would be Very beneficial to play custom audio files from a trigger and or maybe play files added to a table. Another option would some how utilizing text to speed where we could just type in what we want to play. Our application would be Assembly line Andon system to notify assembly line supervisors, team leads or operators of the specific problem via Audible signal as everybody may not have tablet or workstation in hand.


Is there any update on this for whether or not the ability to add custom sounds is in the works? Would be really handy to be able to upload our own sounds to triggers! Cheers!

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See my post at Trying to develop a Custom Widget to play custom sounds :smiley:

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