Table API | Uploading List of Text Values from one ERP API into Table API?

Hey Folks,

I have an API that retrieves a list of Bill of Material items from our ERP (Netsuite).

Currently, I have accomplished listing the variables as an array within the app.


However, I am wondering if the BoM could be listed as a Table Record within an app.
-In particular, because selecting a Table line item from the list view is very cool and I can foresee some great opportunities if this can be accomplished.

Wondering any folks here would have any insights or guidance on the topic of flexing some Table Record/API muscle? :eyes:
(I will share I have already created a table API for what it is worth)

Just use a « List of value/object » for output type on function. Output will be an array of objects that we can use in Table Widget


Hey @Dave,

Great question!

Once you’re at that point, you can create a new Table Record for each item in the array that you’re getting back from your ERP.

Something along the lines of:

By apply the same logic as above to all the items in your array (by incrementing the index by 1) you can create a new Table Record for each item in your BOM.

Does this make sense?

If you’d like, we have Office Hours tomorrow at 11AM EST and we can certainly address this!

Let me know and I can add you to the invite.


Thanks for Reply folks!
-I think I follow… and I will cycle back when I pull through.

Another Topic: @gio is office hours a regular thing? What is the nature/schedule of office hours?
(You know I always have some questions!)

awesome @Dave, let us know as you make progress!!

Office Hours is indeed a regular thing, Thursday’s at 11AM EST. I’ve invited you to the invite going forward, looking forward to seeing you there!!