copy multiple filtered records from one table to another


we have the following requirement:
In a table “Checklist-Templates” we have some Checklists each with several exams.
Simple example:

Checklist1 - Check1
Checklist1 - Check2
Checklist1 - Check3
Checklist2 - Check1
Checklist2 - Check2

Every time an assembly job is started, we have to copy the lines (checks) of a checklist into an “Assembly Checklist Journal” table so that we can keep track of them.

Does anyone have any idea how we can solve this?

hello @RalfMueller, thanks for posting and welcome to the Tulip Community!! it would be great if you could introduce yourself at: Welcome to the Community, let's meet!!

regarding your question, have you taken a look at some of the Checklist apps on the Library?? you can take a look at them here: Checklist Apps.

but if you’d like to build exactly as you’ve described, I’ve build a quick demo here below.

  1. create 2 Tables for the checklists (1 for the templates and 1 for the journal):

  2. create an App with 2 Record Placeholders to the Tables:
  3. (from here, you can customize based on the user interface you’d like. this is one example of building it) display an Interactive Table of the templates, and select the Linked Placeholder:
  4. create a Table Record for the journal Table when the user enters the 2nd step:
  5. as the user enters the data and clicks Complete, the data is stored in the Table (here, notice the Datasource and Column):

here’s what the App will look like from the Player:

and as the users select the checklist they’d like to complete, the information will transfer from the templates Table and create a new Record in the journal.

is this what you’d like to build?? let us know!! and if you’d like to join Office Hours, here is the sign up links: Tulip Office Hours (North America) | Tulip. and again, welcome to the Tulip community!!

Hello gio,

thank you very much for your quick and detailed reply!

First of all - I have now also introduced myself :slight_smile:

I’ve already taken a close look at and tested most of the apps in the library - including the Checklist-Apps. Unfortunately, this app do not meet our requirements.

In your creation example (by the way, thank you very much for your effort :slight_smile: ) the user has the choice of the checklist and the checklist items and these are only transferred when selected (one-by-one).
With us, however, the user is not allowed to decide. When an assembly order is created, a checklist with several checklist items must be automatically linked to the assembly order number and transferred to the checklist journal, so that it is ensured that all checklist points are processed. The checklist will be modified afterwards.

I think I have to do the following:

  1. Integrate the table API (with a filter on a checklist to be specified) in the connector so that I get the checklist items back as an array.
  2. Then create a loop as described in a similar form in this video to create the records.

Could you confirm that or would you go a different way?
In this case we have to deal a little more intensively with the Table API and see whether we can get it implemented that way.


hello @RalfMueller, no problem!!

and, thanks for the additional context. you can certainly do this with the Tables API to get the Array of checklists that need to be performed as you suggest.

my first thought however was to do so using Table Queries. here’s one option of how to build this:

  • Filter/Sort the checklist requirements as you’d like on the Table
  • display them on an Interactive Table in the app
  • only let the user continue once all the checklists have been completed for that Work Order

do you think this could work as a solution?? let us know your thoughts!!

Hallo gio,

Thank you for your hint. That’s how we tried it at the beginning. But there are some points that speak against it.
For example:

  • Poor clarity for the worker
  • checklists change; therefore the exact checklist status of all points must be recorded with the date and time
  • Checks are distributed across several stations, which makes it difficult to differentiate.

We are now trying to call up the records via API and connector. At the moment we are still struggling with this and only ever get one record back. But first we’ll see if we can fix it ourselves. We will see :slight_smile:


ah OK, in that case yes you can definitely use the Table API @RalfMueller. as a note, you need to select List of Values in the Output to get an Array:

let us know if you have further questions!!

Hello gio,

I´m in company with RalfMueller.

Finally we did it…
But there´s another problem:

As you can see, there are pictures and videos in the table. How can we use this as an output?

hello @Andre, got it!!

we currently don’t support Images as an Output on HTTP Connector Functions, feel free to post in Product suggestions - Tulip Community if you’d like.

have you considered loading the image through a regular Table Record once you get the Array back from the Tables API??

Hello Gio,

short feedback: we have now implemented everything in such a way that our requirements for a checklist APP are met.
2 tables (checklist template + checklist journal) with table API copy function for transferring the checklist.
Pictures and short videos are kept in a third table and linked and added when the checklist is transferred.

Thank you very much for your support.


no problem @RalfMueller, thanks for the update!! awesome to hear you were able to build this solution.