Table records aggregations

Hey guys,
Imagine that i have a table of work orders with different states for each WO. And an other table of deadline management for each state of these WO. And an other table for the number of days that every state should take. For the moment, when the user select a WO from the interactive table of the first one, i load informations from other tables and i am able to calculate the limit date of the finish of this WO. Now, is it viable to automatically load every record from the first table, and knowing the WO, load all informations of the other tables and calculate automatically all limit dates of all WO of the first table and store it any where knwoing that i will have many WO in the first table.
In fact what i want to do is, to calculate this limit date and to display the number of WO that are late so that the user treats them in priority?
thanks for your help,