[Tip of the Week] Mathematical Operations on Arrays

hello all, today I wanted to share a powerful (and under-utilized) Tulip feature - mathematical operations on Arrays.

Arrays are collections of elements and using them can unlock many use cases within your apps. here’s a quick guide on getting started with Arrays: How to Use Arrays In Apps | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

amongst the functions you can perform on Arrays, the mathematical operations can be particularly useful. so long as your Array is numeric, you can sum, average, find the min/max, etc. of the elements in the Array.

here, you can see how the Player is calculating these numbers based on the Array:

as you can see, the Array which we’re performing the calculations is of type Integer Array:

which allows you to perform the calculations on the data:

are you using mathematical calculations on your Arrays?? if so, share how you’re using them here below!!