Tulip Office Hours 28JUN2021 [Mathematical Operations on Number Arrays & 5S Library Library App]

hello all, we’re looking forward to this week’s Office Hours!! here’s the agenda for this week’s session:

  • June App Competition
  • Mathematical Operations on Number Arrays : you can easily perform mathematical operations (sum, average, standard deviation, min/max, etc.) on your number arrays in Tulip to surface information stored in your variables. join to learn how to set them up!!
  • 5S Audit Library App: the 5S Checklist app makes it quick and easy to capture and analyze 5S audit data for reporting. end users are guided through 25 checks that can be configured to meet your operational needs. data is stored automatically and can be viewed in an included dashboard.

following the demo, we’ll be opening it up to Q&A. if you have questions, add them as comments here below and we’ll address them in the order in which they were received. if you don’t have specific questions, join the session and view how other users are building apps for their shop floor.

please complete one of these forms if you’d like to join Office Hours:

we look forward to seeing you there!!

hello all, the recording for the Spanish Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 Mathematical Operations on Numeric Array
12:00 5S Audit App in Library
18:00 Connecting a Custom Barcode Scanner
28:00 Adding Verification to a Trigger
30:00 Filtering Users Tables

hello all, the recording for this week’s Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 Design Competition
2:00 Calculations on Numeric Arrays
7:00 5S Audit App in Library
13:00 CAD Widget
22:00 Building a Workflow in Tulip Recoding Time Information
42:00 Using the Tables API

thanks everyone for joining!!