June 2021 App Competition [Device Connected to Tulip]

hello all,

welcome to the June Tulip Competition!! for this month’s competition, we’re giving away a special prize, a Tulip Edge MC so you can connect to even more devices being used on your frontlines!!

from Barcode Scanners, to Torque Drivers, to Scales, to EDM’s, to CNC’s, Tulip is connected to a wide array of tools around the world. we’re looking for the most interesting one you’ve connected to!!

to submit your entry, add an image of the tool, and a description of how it’s being used in your Apps. as always, the post with the most likes wins the competition. the deadline for this competition is next Friday, 2021-06-11T00:00:00Z.

we’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!!

At Laerdal Medical, Stavanger factory, we have with great success connected ProGlove scanners to Tulip.
It is beeing used in the warehouse in the picking process.

To be able to use it in logic as a device input we went for the combination of scanner and gateway.
So the gateway is the part that is added as a device in Tulip by VID and PID. The scanner only communicate with the gateway. The gateway is connected to a MS Surface tablet and communicates and get powered via USB.

ProGlove scanners are literally “handy” devices.
It is a wireless scanner that you wear as glove.
It is also pretty straight forward to do scanner configuration via Proglove insight online tool.

ProGlove also have a version having an e-ink display. In the future I hope we can use it to display picking details so the operator will be less depended of the Tulip display in the actual picking process.


Have you ever think about how integrate Mark Display?

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hello everyone, we’re happy to announce that the winner for the June app competition is @oviland with the ProGlove Barcode Scanner.

it was very interesting to read the details of how you’ve integrated this unique device into your Tulip workflow. thanks for sharing @oviland, keep an eye out for your Edge MC!! and we look forward to seeing what other devices you connect to Tulip with it!!

for everyone else, keep an eye out for the next app competition.

Sorry for this delayed response.
I have no details of how to communicate, but I know Tulip and ProGlove had a meeting to get up to date on the requirements. The API use both REST and WebSocket to be able to send information to the scanner. What I learned is that we need to host a script on-premises for the WebSocket protocol.
Since the Mark Display is not on our prioritize list at the moment, we left it off at this point.

ProGlove Mark Display : When frontline operation platform meets hands-free barcode scanners! Finally we can command Mark Display with Tulip

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