Wireless 2D Barcode Scanner (not bluetooth) - Where can I find one?

I’m looking for a wireless 2D Barcode Scanner to connect to Tulip.
I need it to be directly linked to the computer and not via a base/charging station.
I have tried Bluetooth scanners, but they can not be implemented as a device in the Tulip player.
Since I want to trigger events by the scanner, I need it to act as a device in the player.

I have seen some wireless 1D scanners that comes with a USB dongle (not Bluetooth).
Have anyone had luck to add such a scanner as a device?
Is there someone that can point my in a direction for 2D scanner of that kind?

Thank you!

Try Proglove scanner that works well with Tulip with USB access point

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Thank you. Looks like an exciting company!

I forgot to mention that we plan to use a MS Surface as a portable station.
The plan is to mount it on to a trolley jack. It could work with Proglove, but as I understand, we need this access point or the gateway to be connected by USB to the receiving Tulip station.
If the gateway can be powered by the USB port and it’s power consumption is not to big, this could work.
Do you have any idea of the picing of these products?

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