Bluetooth barcode scanner

Hi all,
I’m having the problem to connect a bt scanner (Tera barcode scanner) to our tulip apps.
It’s a bt qrcode/barcode scanner (wireless), who is connected as a barcode scanner HID.
It works, but the result will only appear in the field with focus.
I tried the trigger inside the step triggers “machines and devices” and using a “barcode scanner” also an “optical barcode scanner” with the device output storing in a variable.
But the last stept “storing in a varaible” will not work, so I guess I have configured the scanner wrong.
I can’t add the scanner in the tulip player cause it’s not a USB device with VID and PID.

I looked inside the knowledgebase/community articles but can’t find a solution.
So I’m needing help to solve my problem.

Any suggestions/ideas?

Regards Chris