Install custom barcode scanner

Good Morning!
I’m working on setting up my barcode scanner and having trouble getting Tulip to see the device.

It is an Inateck BCST-70.

The VID and PID my system shows doesn’t look like the ones in the example and wondering if I need to modify to enter.
It says "VID&000204e8

Does it make sense to have a VID in this format? What do I enter?

Thanks in advance for any advice


Hey Kristen,

Does this barcode scanner use Bluetooth?

If so, unfortunately we don’t currently support bluetooth scanners, but this functionality is in our product roadmap - and we hopefully we will soon!

OK thanks! So just USB ones for now?

Hi, this scanner has also an USB connector, so use this and look in the device manager/properties for this VID and PID.
When changing the connection (USB vs. BT vs. VCOM) the PID can change.

Regards Chris

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