Custom barcode scanning


I’m trying to get a SICK IDM161-300S USB scanner working with the player.
When I scan into Notepad++ i get the characters in the attachment (123456 and a carriage return).

I have tried entering the PID & VID that I found in device manager.

Is there something I’m possibly missing? Any help is appreciated!

Thanks for all the help! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

good morning @DewyWCI, our apologies for missing this topic. it looks like you are indeed setting everything up correctly.

can you share a screenshot of the trigger that you’ve added on your app??

furthermore, can you try the following to help us debug and let us know what you find??

  1. add a text input in your app
  2. highlight it with the cursor
  3. scan a barcode with your scanner

thanks and apologies for the delay


I was starting off small (no app) by trying to talk to the Tulip player while hooked to my laptop.

I managed to get it working after getting some time this morning to re-visit it. For some reason I had to change the device input language in the tools tab to “based on operating systems keyboard layout”.
The scanner was programmed to output in keyboard layout so I’m not sure if it was a problem with the scanner or how the player interpreted it? Its working good from the testing I did today.
That may be something to add to the knowledge base for future use.?.?

Thank you for replying! I should of added a little more context in the message - sorry about that.

hello @DewyWCI, great to hear. thanks for the update!!

I’ve let our Product Education team know about this, I agree that it’s important to let users know about this setting as it can be hard to troubleshoot.

and no worries, apologies for not getting back to you earlier.

have a nice day!!