Tulip Player prioritizes built-in Webcam over USB Barcode Scanner


I have successfully configured a custom barcode scanner using the PID & VID based on this tutorial. When the app runs however, it uses my built-in webcam as a barcode reader instead of the custom one I added. Is there a way to de-prioritize my webcam or block the player’s webcam access entirely?


Hey @alex.miranker - welcome to the Tulip Community!

Thanks for sharing your question. You shouldn’t need to have the embedded barcode scanner widget in your app (this is the one integrated with you computer webcam) if you want to use the custom barcode scanner. Instead, you should just be able to use the device trigger for the barcode scanner you set up, and thats it!

If you delete the embedded barcode scanner, does this take care of the problem? Or is there a reason you would want both the custom barcode scanner and built-in webcam barcode reader both to run at the same time?

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Aditionally to Beth, I usually add a Button “Scan with Web Cam” that jumps to a seperate step with the Cam Scanner only. After scanning it jumps back to the original step with the result of scanning.

The original step then only listens to a physical device scanner.


Ah! Thanks, Beth! A rookie mistake on my part :man_facepalming:

No problem! I am sure you are not the first person to do that, and someone down the line will see this thread and it will help them learn as well :slight_smile: Happy Friday!

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