How to fire a trigger in Tulip when an Android PDA build-in barcode scanner read a barcode

Hi, every member,
Here I have a Zebra TC21 Android PDA which has a build-in scanner, now I’m stacking in how to fire a trigger when scanner read a barcode or QR code without widget. Everyone know that we can place an input text widget to store the value of bar code without any trigger, but in this way, end user need to touch the screen to hightlight text widget firstly, therefor soft keyboard pops up immediately and shrink Tulip Player to a very small size. If I have 10 text widgets on screen to collect 10 different barcodes, end user need to touch screen 10 times. They are eager to reduce times of screen touch.
So, I intend to have a solution that Tulip player could receive value of scanned barcode and pass it to a variable directly rather than a widget. this is my use case.
I have tried triggers under Machine and device, such as Barcode scanner or Serial Barcode scanner, seems PDA recoginize it’s build-in bar code scanner as an input device like Keyboard scan data would be accepted only if an input widget highlighted, my triggers have never been fired.

Do you have any idea?

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OK, I have workaround.
I can change the configuration from DataWdget(Tools of Zebra PDA to transform/format scanned data as specified) to archieve this purpose. Enable intent output, enable “send Tab key”, in Keystroke output setting, enable “send Tab key” as well, after scan one bar code, addtional Tab key will help you hight light next text widget automatically, although soft keyboard pops up but no need to manually change widget.