Unify barcode handling in apps and in the Tulip Player

At present Tulip requires dedicated triggers for each barcode interpretation device… This makes it impossible to quickly re-deploy an app from a station which has access to a physical barcode scanner to a mobile one where the optical barcode scanning would come in handy.

I would like to see in the player whether the app is listening for a barcode scanner or not and what type of scanner can be used; preferably with an option to switch the device on the fly if needed… all without having to explicitly model every app to do so at every single step that requires this.

I thought I had heard that one of the newer releases was going to “percieve” rapid inputs as barcodes scans, thus avoiding the specific device connectivity issues.

Unfortunately does not address the problem of having to define specific triggers for e.g. optical vs classic barcode input as part of the app - not on a higher “Tulip Player” level… Like: “I need a barcode to be scanned here” —> Tulip Player: “Great, let me see what kind of barcode device the user has setup on the station… If I can’t find any, well, maybe the operator wants me to switch to optical recognition instead.”

Hi @sebme, thanks for another great suggestion! I can tell you something like this will be a little further out on our roadmap, but the product team loves the idea and will keep this in mind, especially as automations gets more capabilities.