Add support for native barcode readers on mobile (specifically Zebra TC Series)

Referencing to an ongoing discussion:

There is some configuration to be done with DataWedge to trigger event in Tulip player

Can you please elaborate on this?

Because right now I was only able to make it sort-of work via a custom widget… But this would still require the operator to tap somewhere to get the destination field into focus …in this case the widget to listen for incoming Zebra keystrokes without showing any input keyboard. And to get this working you also need to play with the DataWedge settings… is this what you are referring to?

After your hint, I investigated a little further and it seems like I found a way to have the app listen for an incoming barcode scan via the native barcode scanner by simply adding a device action which is looking for an “barcode scanner” attached to the current station.

@Pete_Hartnett : Is this a stable setup or did I stumble across a coincidence here together with the keystroke setting in the DataWedge settings of the device?

Right now it looks like there is actually all that is needed - which would mean I can close this topic as solved :face_with_peeking_eye:

As it is an embedded scanner, it is not a custom scanner. You have to use DataWedge to make a keyboard emulation for the Tulip Player application. But I will try optical scanner. I recommend you to master DataWedge because it can open you a lot of possibilities (Scan several barcode in one scan, …) with Tulip apps

@youri.regnaud made a mistake in my description: I did use the following device to get this working just fine:

On the DataWedge profile:

Barcode input: enabled
Hardware Trigger: enabled
Keystroke input: enabled
Action key character: None

Key event options —>
Send characters as events: true
Send control characters as events: true

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Looks like this has ceased working as of this morning… Same settings, no updates on the app or device in the meantime…

Looks like changed behaviour in r237 is causing the internal barcode reader to get ignored by the Tulip Player on Android if setup like mentioned above.

Rolling back to r236.1 has solved the issue for the time being.

Hey @sebme -

The engineering team has been digging into this one this morning. Thanks for flagging with support.


Any news on this? Looks like with r237.2 the issue is still present. r236.1 seems to be the last working version.

Update: Looks like this has been solved following the guide found here:
→ Zebra Customer Community

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