Using Android Devices with Built-in Barcode Scanners in Tulip


We’ve received a number of requests recently about Android devices with built-in barcode scanners like the Janam XT3


and the Honeywell CT60

These devices can be used in Tulip Apps via the Android Tulip Player if and only if the user selects a text field prior to scanning the barcode. It’s possible to scan multiple barcodes by selecting a single multi-line text input field and then scanning multiple times, but it is not possible to use the “When barcode scanned” trigger right now.

There is work in progress to allow these Android devices to use the “When barcode scanned” trigger, but it’s not yet available and we don’t have an estimate for when it will be.

I hope this clears up any confusion! If you have product suggestions related to this work, please drop them in the Product Suggestions section:

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We have the same issue with Zebra TC52/62.