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Hi guys,
I am working of the development of an app in which i have to add the possibility of using a bluetooth barcode scanner (is it possible or not) and a connected printer to my instance. So, i want first if these scanners do exist and if i can use them with Tulip. And, if any one of you has already used a connected printed that can prints a list of items (name, ref, lot, user, date, …) that will be generated using the app. And finally, the operator has to attach some .PDF documents to Tulip application that will be stored with the app data. So is it feasable or not?And how can i do it?
One more thing, we have also connected scales (Sartorius LP8200P) that we have to communicate with. Is this possible or not?
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hello @FahdERM, thanks for posting your question!! a couple of notes:

yes, there are a number of Barcode Scanners that are integrated with Tulip that are Bluetooth. see more here: this article also has more information on setting up non-supported devices: How to Set Up a Barcode Scanner | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps

yes, you could display all the information (including the Variables you mentioned) you’d like to print in a Step and use the Print Steps Trigger:

does the scale have a Serial output?? if so, you should be able to integrate with it using the Tulip Gateway.

does this answer your questions?? let me know if there’s something we can clarify!!

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Hi @gio,
Thank you for your answer. It’s clear for this part. I just want to have response for this part also please :

And i forgot to ask if you have a list of recommended printers or it’s same thing as scales if they have serial output i will be able to use them with the instance or using an edge MC will be the simpler way to do it?
thank you @gio


sorry for missing that - just to confirm, what do you mean my storing App Data in a PDF?? are you referring to storing the PDF in the Completions or would you like to export the App (running from the Player) as a PDF?? depending on the Operating System you’re using, you should be able to store the resulting App as a PDF from the Printer Dialogue:

once you use the Trigger shared above, you can connect to any Network Printer that the device you’re using to is connected to: How Operators Can Print App Data Or Save it to a PDF | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

hope this helps, let us know if you have further questions!!

Thank you @gio for these answers. I will use this option in my app but i want also to be able to load dor example a PDF document that i can store in Tulip Tables as pictures if it’s possible.

OK, no problem!!

this has been suggested here in the past: Store Documents in Tables. it would be great if you could add your use case in that thread!!