Tooltips for the boxplot charts

Really happy to see the boxplot chart being available in the analytics section. But right now it is quite difficult to tell what the values are that have been determined. There are no tooltips when you hover over the plot’s components like on the other charts - or am I missing something?

Also, I was looking for a way to adjust the orientation and the resolution of the axis ticks.

See example:

Is there anything you can recommend at the moment to improve the readability of the chart with today’s feature set?

Hi @sebme -

Very reasonable requests here, thanks for bringing these up!

In terms of axis readability / adjustability, that was improved with r267 (Factory 267 Release - November 2023). I believe you are on LTS releases, so you can expect that in LTS12.

In terms of tooltip labeling, I will defer to @stefan if he has any insights there

No LTS here… hence, can you maybe elaborate on that?

Sorry about that! Just was my mistake, what release version on you on?

Dashboard says Version: r275.3

Gotcha, okay so I believe you should be able to adjust you axis orientation via the right hand visualization pane (per r267). Resolution looks like it is not adjustable though.