Transfer data to another database

Good morning!
I hope you can help me with the following situation:
My team and I want to use Tulip to capture data easily in an industrial plant, but the data stored on the tables we want to transfer them in the most automatic way to the database we currently use (on Traksys) since there we have our information of many years.
I would like to know if anyone knows about it to help us decide which way to go.
I would be very grateful for your support.
If possible we could even meet in a call with my team later.

What sort of database does Traksys use? If its one of these you could write to it

Or, you could write your own API in front of your database and use the http connector to write to it.

Or, you could use the Table API to pull the data out How to Use the Table API | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps and write it to your database