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Hello Community,

I am encountering an issue regarding the use of the ‘Machine&Devices’ trigger in my application. When the ‘Etat_Plateau’ boolean of my machine ‘Machine RN 10.50’ changes to TRUE, my application does not change steps. I have attached screenshots of the triggers :


I have attached the screenshot of the machine that I am using. The machine’s data comes from NodeRed, and also, the connection between Tulip Machine and NodeRed has been very slow since the beginning of the week. I don’t know why…

Thank you for your help !


Hi Jean,

I got some input from the team - it looks like what you are doing should work. A couple things to double check:

  1. Are you on the same step of the application with the machine trigger?
  2. Make sure the attribute (Etat_Plateau) is not set to true by default



Thank you for your response !

I think points 1 and 2 are ok.

What’s strange is that this trigger was working fine before! Since Monday, it’s no longer functioning. It happened at the same time as the incorrect communication between NodeRed and Tulip. To elaborate, whenever I change the state of my Tulip machine to TRUE or FALSE using NodeRed, the ‘Details’ or ‘Configuration’ interface of the machine takes a long time to update. Last week, the update was instantaneous!

It is maybe link with the malfunction of the trigger …


Hi Jean,

Unfortunately, I am not sure if there is anything we can help on with this from the Community side, but Tulip Support can definitely look into this for you - you can reach out to them at or directly through your Tulip Instance (see link below)

How to get Tulip Support

They should be able to dive into more detail and get this sorted out for you!

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Thank you Beth. I will contact them !