Tulip/Fishbowl integration

Hi all, I tried to submit a support request but the tool appears to be broken for me.

We’re implementing Fishbowl to manage materials and I’d like to connect Tulip to it in order to pass inventory transactions, serial number info, etc between them. Any help is appreciated.

Here’s a link to their API wiki for info: https://www.fishbowlinventory.com/wiki/Fishbowl_API

I’m available for a call pretty much anytime to discuss.

Good afternoon @mcubert,

I can certainly help out with this! Do you have time at 2PM EST today? Let me know and I can send along the meeting invite.

With regards to the Support Request issue, what was the error message you saw? Things appear to be working for other users.



Hi Gio, thanks for the reply. 2p tomorrow is better for me if you can support that.

On the support request issue, it looks like it’s on my browser (Chrome) side. I was able to hit the submit button before and get an error message about a browser extension blocking it (looked, can’t figure out which one as only have a few), but now the submit button doesn’t appear to do anything. Not a big deal for me, just passing info along. I’m happy to help troubleshoot if you like.

Hey Mike,

Tomorrow at 2PM EST works for me, I just sent out the meeting invite.

Looking forward to supporting as you get things started on this integration! I’ll take a look at the documentation for Fishbowl ahead of our meeting tomorrow.

And as you mention, it sounds like the Support Request issue is indeed being blocked by a Chrome extension you have installed.