Tulip Office Hours 05JUL2021 [First Pass Yield Library App, Populating Dropdowns from Tables & Deleting Table Records]

hello all, we’re looking forward to this week’s Office Hours!! here’s the agenda for this week’s session:

  • [Library App] First Pass Yield: The First Pass Yield application enables operators to track the number of good units produced without any need for rework, and acts as a good indicator of quality. Join to learn how to start using this app!!
  • Populating Dropdown with Table Records: Dropdowns are useful components to build an interface that users can use intuitively, learn how to automatically populate these Dropdowns with Records form your Tables (that can also be filtered)!!
  • Deleting Table Records: Learn how to quickly and easily Delete Table Records from your Apps and using the Tables API.

following the demo, we’ll be opening it up to Q&A. if you have questions, add them as comments here below and we’ll address them in the order in which they were received. if you don’t have specific questions, join the session and view how other users are building apps for their shop floor.

please complete one of these forms if you’d like to join Office Hours:

we look forward to seeing you there!!

hello all!! the recoding for this week’s Spanish Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 First Pass Yield Library App
2:00 Deleting Table Records from an App
7:00 Populating Dropdown with Filtered List
40:00 SAP Integration

hello all!! the recoding for this week’s Office Hours can be viewed here:

topics covered:
0:00 Introductions
03:00 Library App - First Pass Yield App
05:00 Deleting Table Records
08:00 Populating Dropdown
51:00 Assigning a Station to Run a Specific App