Tulip Tables API call to AWS

Hiya folks,
can we Push or Pull API Calls for a Tulip Table to AWS Location.

I have a table in Tulip as a master table, need it to be pushed or pulled into a AWS location once a week.

is this possible in Tulip


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Pulling would be the way I would do it. I would create a Bot with table:read access, then write a small program to replicate over the data. Just remember that if the data is large you won’t be able to get the whole thing at once, you’ll have to implement paging.

If you’re more of a python person, check out this guide that has in it some python that handles the paging. You do NOT need Jupyter to run that code, just python and pandas. That might be a good starting point for you, as AWS has a very robust API for their services, so you could put the two of them together pretty easily, using Python as the glue.

I don’t work for Tulip, I’m just a community member - but maybe this will help you. Ask more questions if you’d like, I’ll try to respond if I can be helpful.


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@wz2b Hit the nail on the head! Exactly how I would go about this. This document also has some great information about hitting the tables API.