Upcoming Webinar Feb 22nd: TICO Tractor's Success Blueprint

Mark your calendars to attend February 22 at 11:00AM ET; 5:00PM CET - Doubling Production With Digital: TICO Tractors’ Success Blueprint

  • Speakers: @MikeRousch , Director of Production Operations at TICO Tractors & @Joelle (Joelle Dennig), Customer Success Manager, Tulip

They will discuss:

  • Why TICO Tractors decided to prioritize their digital transformation journey
  • How they used technology to shorten worker ramp-up times
  • How the team tackled quality with a fit-for-purpose quality program
  • The strategies TICO used to bridge the gap between planning and production to prevent stockouts

Mike will also share crucial insight for leaders like criteria to use when selecting and implementing a digital solution, pitfalls to avoid, and what he wishes he knew as he reflects on his digital transformation journey.

Sign-up to attend here! https://tulip.co/webinars/tico-tractors-doubling-production-with-digital/

If you missed this event live, you can check out the recording here: Thank You! Doubling Production With Digital: TICO Tractors'… | Tulip