Using special chars in Tulip?

Hi all,
how can I use special characters in Trigger expressions? I got from a Scanner the chararacter chr(29) as a delimiter and will split this output into an array.
But how can I use this char? There is no function like chr() or asc() as usually supported.

Regards Chris


At one point we also had to deal with char(29)/ & others. If you’re familiar with widgets, we found it very useful to dealing with special characters & helped to standardize our approach to parsing content that would end-up having to get repeated across various apps. Happy to share the widget code if you’re interested.

One thing we learned the hard way is that various scanners behave very differently when it comes to special characters, so much so that we ended up removing the char(29) from our product datamatrix codes which resulted and a vastly improved production flow for serialised product.