Variable type changed from text to object!

Have anyone experienced that variable type has changed “all by it self”!?
Two variables changed from text to object.

I discovered it after I did some cleanup in a connector.
Deleted some functions not in use and renamed a couple in use.
What I see is that the object in these two “updated” variables have content from output objects from the connector functions I renamed. (Just added a number in front of the naming)
I also see a link between the inputs to the functions and the “updated” variables.

Hello @oviland ,
Can you please send an email to with this message and details around what connector and variable this happened with?

Thank you, yes I will.

Hello @Het,

There is next to no response from support. I have received a ticket, no status.
Can you check in on this issue.

The ticket is open, assigned, and under investigation. There’s been recent internal activity on the issue from our support team, but there is no resolution yet.

Thank your for the update.
I also got an e-mail of current status for the issue.