Viewing image from record history widget

Does anyone know how to open or download an image from the record history widget, when running app in the player? I don’t want to save the image a table.

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commenting for tracking. We’re interested in this as well. The record history is good, but a looooooong line of non-wrapped text isn’t super beneficial (from Quality/Audit purposes). Is there a way to display the image, or maybe a URL to the image?

Hi @jasonh and @sab9229 -

Sorry for the delay here! Do you mind sharing some screenshots so I can make sure I understand the question fully? Are you talking about an image from a record that is displayed within the record history widget? Or an image of the record history widget itself?

@Beth I’m talking about an image that is displayed within the record widget. Right now, we can just view it as a thumbnail. It’s not clickable or open in a separate window, as the files in the record history widget do. It’s hard to see the image if it is used for reviewing something. The only solution I see right now is using an analysis or storing it in a table to view the image. It would be very helpful and user-friendly if there was a way to view it directly from the record history widget.


this would be VERY useful…

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@sab9229 Thank you for clarifying! I understand, and will check with the team and get back to you. Thanks @MarkStuttard for your input here as well :slight_smile:


Thanks @Beth (and @sab9229 for bringing up!) - I believe from a chat to our Tulip representative over here that the audit history piece is going through a bit of a review (?) - so hopefully this could factor into that.

It is a really useful widget, but it would be nice to have a bit more control. The picture click above would be highly useful but also controlling text size would make it more flexible. It can turn into a very daunting wall of text very quickly with some use!


Commenting for traction and updates to this feature request :slight_smile:
@Beth @sab9229

Hi everyone,

Wanted to update you that I confirmed with the team that this is currently not possible, but I did change this to Product Suggestion and the Tulip Team responsible for record history widget will be looking into this request and the work required to make it happen. I will provide updates in the future as I can - but do know we appreciate the feedback and understand the need for this functionality!

Please go ahead and “vote”" for this suggestion - these votes actually help us prioritize requests!

If you have any additional feedback, please feel free to continue the discussion here also.

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