Want live help from a Tulipian? Come to Office Hours!

As the new year gets rolling, you may be working on some expanded use cases with Tulip - or maybe you are just getting started with Tulip for the first time.

Either way, Office Hours is a great way to get your questions answered with live help from the Tulip Team.

We offer Office Hours 3 times a week - Anyone is welcome to come to any session
All sessions are completely open ended and we can cover any questions you might need help with!

We also may start doing scheduled programming during some sessions, just to review best practices and tips for certain features - if you are interested in this, let us know in the comments (and feel free to suggest things you would like us to cover)

Some common FAQs you may have:

  • Do I need to prepare anything ahead of time?

    • No preparation required. But to make it easy for the Tulip Team to understand your questions, you should be prepared to share your screen / Tulip Instance during the Office Hours session so we can talk through things live
    • If you would like to submit details of your question ahead of time, you can use
      this Google Form. The Tulip Office Hours host will review prior to the session so that way they have some understanding of your question ahead of time - but this is not required!
  • Do I need to have a specific question to come to Office Hours or can I just come to listen in and get/give ideas to other Tulip users?

    • Either is encouraged! Some folks come to Office Hours to listen in and learn from other Tulip user questions (and to help answer their questions) and that is great!

I’ll often come to office hours even if I don’t have specific issues. It’s nice to see how others solve challenges and if these solutions could work in your apps.