Week-numbers store in tables

I would like to store the week numbers in our production tables.
Is this possible?

Hey @h.koren

Using the DATETIMETOTEXT() function should be able to achieve this.

Let me know if this doesn’t solve your problem

Hi Pete,
Thanks that works!!!

I want to use this to reset a variable to the number 10.
So when a new week starts, the variable becomes number 10 again.
Next question; Is there also a trigger that looks at the last recorded DATE? I don’t use APIs

Hey Henk,

Shouldn’t need the API for this. Just to better understand, you are looking to get the date of the most recent record in a table? is that right? When you say the last recorded date, are you referring to the last record created, or the last record edited?

Let me know and I will throw together a quick demo app to show how I would do this.


Hello Pete,
I’ll explain to you what I want.
My colleagues have to perform 10 quality checks every week.
On Monday, the counter should be back at 10.

I was thinking of doing something with week numbers. but then the last recorded date must be looked at.

Thanks for the context.

Here is how I would do that-

  1. Create a table where you track each week with an inspections column.
  2. On step enter, I create or load a record with the YEAR-WEEK NUMBER as an ID.
  3. If the number of inspections is blank, set it to 10.

Does this achieve what you are looking for?

Hello Pete,
I did it differently now
First off all we have an Quality check Tablet to do the checks.
Then we have a Quality monitor in the office.

Quality check app:
When i do a check i write an integer to the user table

Evertime when e step is made, the Checkcounter is looking to the user table

On Monday morning i Reset this to 0

So far it is working!

Nice! Just shows all the different ways you can approach the same problem.

Let me know if you have any issues with your approach.