What are work instructions?

Tulip is the ultimate blank page - you can pretty much do anything with it. Very often people want to make work instructions. In a paper world, we all sort of know what this means. But what about in Tulip? What are work instructions when you can display or capture anything, from anywhere? What are work instructions when Tulip connects to your machines, devices, cameras, and sensors?

This video is an attempt to show you what is possible and to answer the question: “what are work instructions in Tulip?”

What did I miss? What would have you added to this?


Nice video Mark, something coming to my mind from several workshop is that it’s good to know what is a work instructions before tring to build one. A nice research to clarify could be to look at ISO 9001 Process, Procedure and Work Instruction Hierarchy for example. I’ve seen a lot of confusion between procedure (SOP) and work instructions (WI) and it can sometimes block the adoption.

The very best format that I have come across for the “standard work instruction” build is to adopt the Training Within Industry (TWI) format. The structure provides the process. With the wide range of technological skillset from employees the least common denominator (least technically skilled) may drive where you start. TULIP allows you to build a simple application that follows the TWI structure and is easy enough for the least technical folks to use and add value.

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