Work Instruction Platforms

Curious if anyone here is using a web platform to manage their Work Instructions? I’ve seen some platforms online, just not sure if anyone is using them in practice. For example:

  • Solidworks Composer
  • Cadasio
  • Zaptic

hello @neil, thanks for posting.

is there a reason why you’re not building your Work Instructions in Tulip?? you can either do it starting from a blank App, a Template, or starting with some of the Apps in the Library:

what are your thoughts on that?? thanks again for posting!!

Hi Gio. We currently are. It’s quick and a simple way to do work instructions, but we want to find a way to manage our work instructions without having to take screenshots of 3D models, fake any dimensions or part number call-outs, etc.

Ideally we would like to create the work instructions in a similar environment to a 3D modeling app, then paste in the resulting work instruction as a single image in Tulip. Again, not really critical to operations, just curious to hear how people are managing their libraries of work instructions.

got it @neil, thanks for clarifying!!

what is the 3D modeling software you’re using?? you could use a combination of the CAD widget and embedded webpages (if they drawings are hosted in the cloud and accessible).

Hi Gio. We are using CATIA V6 on-cloud (aka 3DEXPERIENCE). It has a web-based model viewer, but being Dassault, they do not allow hosting web apps in other pages. We are playing with using the Fusion hosted viewer and that works pretty well. We got that sample from somewhere on the community forums.

awesome to see that @neil, thanks for sharing!! Fusion is a good tool especially as it can be embedded in Tulip Apps.

if you would like to continue using CATIA however, have you considered using the CAD viewer?? while it cannot contain dimensions and callouts, it may be a worthwhile solution to investigate: [Tip of the Week] Adding a CAD File to your App. for drawings, we do indeed recommend embedding PDF’s.

let me know your thoughts!!

Thanks Gio. The STL viewer is great for basic model viewing, but looking for something that can handle assemblies, dimensions, etc. The Fusion viewer works best for that. CATIA actually has a 3D Viewer web app on their platform, but doesn’t let you use it in another window like Fusion can.

ahh OK, yes it does indeed work best in the Fusion viewer if you’d like assemblies and dimensions.

I will mention that websites can have a setting changed in which they’re enabled to be displayed as on other sites. it may be worth checking with CATIA (or on a forum) if this is something that can be enabled.

let us know if you’re able to do this!!