XML Extractors/XPATH

Our API endpoint returns XML format and I’m trying to extract based on all the entries where the date field matches the current date(which you can call using the function current-date(). I tested the XPATH syntax on xpather.com and another site you mentioned in another post. This gave me the desired result with the following extractor:
OrderItems/OrderItems/RegisterDate[contains(text(), substring(string(current-date()),0,11))]

This is the result when I try to use that extractor in a connector function. Since current-date is an XPath 2.0 function does that mean Tulip uses XPath 1.0? Is there any way to upgrade to get additional functionality?

Hey @jjj -

That upgrade of X-Path would need to happen on our end. Let me get a req written up for this and connect with the team to see if this can be snuck in.


Sweet :slight_smile: would be much appreciated