2 - How to Navigate Tulip Community

Home Page

  • On the left hand side are all of the different categories / channels we have in the community.
  • On the right hand side, is a running newsfeed of latest topics / threads from all of the categories.
  • You can search for topics by keyword using the search icon or you can click into a specific category a search for topics within that specific group

Some Important categories to be aware of:

  • Introduce Yourself - The Tulip Community wants to get to know you! Post an introduction to who you are here, and check in regularly to learn more about other folks who are in the Tulip Community and connect!

  • Support & Help - Unsure how to do something in Tulip or just want input from other Community members about something you are building in Tulip? Post your questions here!

  • Show & Tell - Have you built something in Tulip that you are proud of? Do you think it could help others in the Community? Post it here!

  • Product Suggestions - Have an idea to improve Tulip? Post it here! We review all requests in this category and do our best to address these in future software releases.

  • Office Hours - Tulip Community - We offer office hours 3 times a week! During these sessions, you get the opportunity to talk directly with a Tulipian and other Tulip users about any questions you have.

  • Announcements - This is where the Tulip team posts product feature release notes, events, awards, and more!

How to post a topic:

  • You can create a topic from the homepage by clicking “New Topic” or by clicking in to a specific category and creating a topic within that category. If you aren’t sure what category a topic belongs in, you can just choose the “General” category, and we can move it to a different category later for you :slight_smile:
  • Create a title for your topic that best summarizes your post, and fill in as many details as you can in the body of the post. It is very helpful to include context of a situation, screenshots, videos, and any relevant information that can help other folks understand your post! This topic here is a great example for you to reference.