Add native ability to trigger something once after x seconds

Looking for a way to trigger a step transition after x seconds without having to rely on custom widgets.

In the current use-case this is just to make a “tulip step modal” disappear automatically after some time.

I can think of two possible ways to do this

  1. Add a trigger type to the “Timers” section that only triggers once after the specified time
  2. Add an action that delays anything after it by the specified time → This you would plug in a “on step enter” trigger

Example: Make this show and then disappear after x seconds

what is the app doing during the waiting time?
If it stores data or similar, you can add a trigger at last position which transit to the next step (after a sleeping time)

Regards Chris

? nothing… it is just expected to wait for the set time and do nothing… then at the end of the waiting time, it should transition to somewhere else. That’s it.

Think of it as an enhanced version of the current “show message” popup which disappears after 5 seconds…

Maybe I’m on the “wood way” or lost in wrong thoughts ;-), but what’s about a simple trigger with sleep function?

Regards Chris

Well, you seem to be running a different Tulip than I am maybe :slight_smile: Where do you find that? I cannot find it anywhere in the top level menu… ??? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Maybe its hidden behind yet another “feature flag”?


see this post from Pete

Because we have both the same version you need to unlock this function from your account admin

Regards Chris

There we go. Thanks.

If there was just a proper catalog of these “feature flags”… plus a screen in Tulip Admin section to be able to tell what is activate and what is not without having to go through support… :crazy_face:

This is a great way to do this @ChrisF but I just want someone from Tulip to confirm that triggers run asynchronously in Tulip? So during that 10 second period other triggers will still be able to fire?

I also wonder what will happen if a button trigger is halfway complete and then the transition from this On Step Enter trigger executes.

@danielpomeranz from Pete’s comment… “… we don’t have it on by default, because triggers don’t run asynchronously, so while this sleep is happening, the app freezes .”

So no, the triggers themselves will execute sequentially, as always… And it better does, because otherwise things would become chaotic and wild pretty quickly :smiley: