Need to Go to Next step after 2 seconds

Hi Everyone,
Timer support trigger only after 30 seconds.
But we have to go to next step after 2seconds without human intervention(without clicking any button), Can anyone please explain how to achieve this using Tulip?
Thank you!

can you use the sleep function before calling the transition?

Regards Chris

Yes possible to use sleep function, Can you please mention, how to use sleep function.
Thanks and Regards,

You can use a custom widget.

I built one, and you can use it.
Input is the delay in milliseconds (2000 = 2s)
“Label” is only to label the Widget itself, if you use more than one in one step.
Start → here you need to add a bool variable.
If you want to start the delay, you set the bool true. It will reset automatically to false and it will fire an event after the given time.
Add your triggers you want to fire after the delay time to the widget, not to the button or step…

customWidget-Delay.json (1.5 KB)

I give no guarantee on that widget. Use it on your own risk :wink: