Add Delay via Expression Editor Before Trigger Transition

I am looking for a way to essentially create a pause as the final trigger action before a trigger transition. Use cases include allowing the screen to refresh to display progress (when otherwise it may look "frozen), or to allow the result of a digital signature to display before transitioning away from the step / completing the app. Mainly this is for operator “warm fuzzies” to have a sense that the thing they intended to do is happening or has happened.

I can get a similar effect for transitions to other steps when there is a delay due to a message being displayed, a sound being played, or a table record being created. There does not seem to be enough delay when just manipulating variables within the app, or even completing a signature.

How much delay do you need?
How precise should the delay time be?

Unfortunately I Think there is no build in solution.
You could build a custom widget, that waits a given amount of milliseconds and then fires an event. Use this event to transition.

Enough delay to allow the displayed variables to update and be viewed by the operator.

Adding a Create Table Record seems to be enough delay, I will try if loading a table record is also sufficient.