A "Before App Canceled" trigger

Hi there,

would be great to have a “Before Cancel” trigger in the App triggers to handle a custom app exit procedure, e.g. to do some more elaborate cleanup or other tasks which always have to be performed before the app of actually closing.

Right now we can only trigger actions on exit. But there is no way to interact with the operator before the app finally exits.

In our current use-case we would need to handle a data cleanup which potentially involves multiple records. Give the current limitation on the platform (missing batch update functionality) the only way to solve this seems to be to run a looper widget… but this requires the app to first jump to a step which takes care of this looking action. Right now it is not possible to adequately capture the Cancelation request by the operator, send the app to some other step and then finally trigger the cancelation.

Hey @sebme -

Have you seen the app-level triggers? I think this will do exactly what you need. Run action whenever the app is canceled.

We use this internally for exactly your usecase, add a ‘time completed’ to all of the open records, mark orders as complete, etc.


yes, I have see this. But this is not what I am referring to. This only allows me to trigger a list of actions… what I need (to run the looper workaround) is a step which the operator will see just before the app completed the exit/cacel/complete trigger - ideally no matter from where in the app the exit/comple/cancelation was triggered.