User closing Tulip Player mid trigger execution

Hi guys.
I have this issue where some users are in a rush and as soon as they hit the button they decide that it is a good idea to close the Player or their laptops mid-trigger execution.

Are there some suggestions to deal with this?
I´m based in Costa Rica and sometimes trigger execution is long enough (No 5G over here…)for the user to close the player before the trigger logic is completed.

Usually, these triggers are related to record creation/update so it becomes problematic down the road.

Hi @mrios92 -

It doesn’t look like there is currently a way to prevent player from shutting down if a trigger is still running, but you could try showing a message like “Loading…Do not close the app” at the start of the trigger and then a message “done” at the end of the trigger. Someone could still close during this time, but at least would give them a visual cue / reminder to wait!

Yeah, I’m doing that right now.
Still, my stubborn users might just ignore the message.

Yes they might, but I think there isn’t a way currently to error proof this. Only other thing would be if you can somehow move the triggers to load the data earlier in the app or on step enter or add additional steps after the triggers to allow more time for them to finish!

Hi @mrios92 .
I will add to the good suggestion from @Beth and propose button “Next” as the trigger, and next step/page could be “You can log out now” text or a button for logging out. In this way you “cheat” the users believing that they are not finished with entering data when clicking “Next”.
I hope it will work for you.

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We ended up doing a “pop up step”

While they can still close the player at least they are told to wait.

We also added a trigger that will validate correct record creation at the end of the process if there is a problem we will get a notification sent to a teams channel specifically for these notifications (we are using the post message to teams custom widget)

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