Accessibility/Visibility of Disabled Buttons

Some of my more visually impaired clients have complained that the disabled button state is very difficult to discern. I tend to agree, but it is so much easier to use this feature than it is to start building color variable logic. Are there plans to make this a bit more distinct? Maybe a border or greying out the text somehow? I don’t think it needs to be fully configurable, just a bit more clear.

It is really really nice that the red error mouse icon appears when you highlight over these.

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Hi @danielpomeranz, thanks for sharing the feedback. I definitely understand and agree with this suggestion. We will note this in our future planning and hope to address it soon. Thanks again for your post!

Just for some background info here.
The disabled state is achieved by adding a standard html attribute disabled to the button.
The behavior (including style) is standard html.

It is possible to manipulate the style, however it is not as easy, to maintain a readability, and a visual decent effect for all color combinations. This would be an additional setting to maintain for tulip!