Accessing Completion Records and RHW Information From API

If we could access completion records and record history widget information from the Tulip API that would be extremely beneficial for customers, especially those in life sciences. Not only would it make the viewing of completion data much easier for audit purposes but it would allow our customers to store data in whatever manner they feel most comfortable with which would improve our opportunity conversion rate.


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To echo what Jacob has mentioned, I am also from the life sciences industry, and one of the common questions I have so far from customers includes the need to extract (read) the data from Completion Records for Batch Record Review purposes by Batch Release personnel.

For some customers, they would like to have another customized Exceptions Report showing only the exceptions occurred during the manufacturing process. This helps to reduce the amount of time to review the WHOLE batch records.

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Edwin Yeo

If another application is used for batch review I can appreciate the idea of creating an API to integrate the Completion Records in Tulip into other systems. But if data presentation in Tulip isn’t fit for purpose is it really the right approach to create an API to ask end users to use another application to view data generated in Tulip? Should we work to improve the data presentation in Tulip?

I think that improving the data presentation in Tulip would absolutely help, although I think that the flexibility API integration offers would be boon for other reasons as well. The capability to create custom batch record documents as well as making automated backups from the customer end would likely ease some concerns I have seen regarding the cloud. I think many customers are still somewhat skeptical of the cloud-based infrastructure and would feel better if they could store some data backups on their end as well.

This is something that we are working on. @stefan can provide more information.

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Hey all, as @giladl mentioned we’re working on the next generation of functionality related to completions records, data review etc.

@jacob.brightmeyer @edye @ASharp-J I’m very curious to learn more details about your thoughts related to this topic. If you send me a short email to stefan[at] I’d be more than happy to set up 1:1 conversations to chat about this with you.