Completion record - multiple Execution ID for 1 app execution

Hello Tulip team,

As I understand, when saving all data in an App, it will generate a line in the completion record with a unique Execution ID. It is the same when Completing the App.
When executing an App with multiple “saving all data”, is there a way to link all those different Execution ID? I guess it would require another ID column in the Completion Record.

With more details: My app is 10 steps long and I have to create a “Saving all data” at each step completion. The system will create 10 different lines in the Completion Record table for 1 single execution of the App. Those 10 lines have different Execution ID and I cannot see that the 10 lines belong to the same App execution.

Best Regards,
Kevin Flament

Hi Kevin,

Great question here around completion records that I am sure you are not alone in wondering about!

I have a question about your approach / framing here:

Why are you looking to collect all this data? Is for review purposes (reviewing specific pieces for accuracy for example) or is it purely for collecting the data for compliance?

  • I ask because Tulip recommends that if you are wanting to review the data, that you build an application specifically for that purpose.

  • If you are wanting the data for compliance/GxP purposes, we recommend using the record History Widget with completion records

Our approach is that 1. ensuring all the data is collected and 2. reviewing particular pieces of data (review by exception) are 2 separate use cases and will best be served by creating distinct, focused apps depending on what you want to do.

When you have multiple completion records due to “saving all app data” at each step, your completions are all linked together by the app itself. We encourage you to think beyond “what is my paper equivalent in this digital system” - the approach here is thinking of your data in the context of the app (or step).

That being said, you can create a “session ID” variable for each app execution and then all completion records in that single app execution can be tied to that variable. A limitation here is that it is not currently possible to filter the Record History Widget by this (or any) variable to see only data captured for a given app execution. (If you want, I would encourage you to make this a product suggestion!)

You may find this Knowledge base article helpful also! GxP App Building Basics

I hope this helps!