Complete App and Say on the Same Dashboard

Hi @gio ,

Made a Trigger to to Complete the App for 30 seconds such that Latest data can be stored in to the Variables. There are two major issues here:

  1. When ever the App Completes it goes to the First Page/Dashboard, as per client requirement it should stay in the same Step and Update the APP Variable to see the Latest Data on the Scree
  2. When Ever App Completes it shows a label “App Completed” in the Yellow Background, can we remove it ?


hello @psp316r,

great questions!! here are some responses:

  1. if you add the following Transition to your Master Layout (which executes on all Steps): Complete App and Change to Step by Name and select App Info > Step Name, the App will complete and will remain on the current Step. for example:
  2. you can navigate to: https://{{your_instance}} and enable the Toggle with the label Hide “App Completed” and “App Canceled” messages in Player do prevent these messages

    let me know if you have further questions!!
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You can also use the trigger App → Save all App Data to write a completion record without changing the app page or showing a message. Note that this has slightly different behavior than a regular completion because it will not reset your variables or clear your record placeholders. Just another tool to have in your belt!


Happy Tulip-ing!


Hi @dan.pomeranz ,

Thanks for the response, this helps. @gio you can close the ticket now.