Save all App Data resets Time Elapsed on App

Hello Tulip-Community,

I just recognized that the Trigger App → Save all App Data resets the App Info - Time Elapsed on App. Is there a way to don’t reset the time when using the trigger?


Hi @Gunnar!

You are noting the correct behavior here - Save All Data essentially is “Complete App Without Clearing Variables and Without Going to the First Step of the App.” Save All Data includes the action of clearing the time elapsed since this action creates a new Completion Record. If we did not reset the timer, the completion records would get very messy quite fast!

That being said, I have 2 things for you:

  1. The Tulip Product Team is currently in progress of redefining the future of “Completions” and aware of this and taking it into account to make this experience better in the future.

  2. A potential workaround: Each saved completion has a unique “execution ID” and set “duration,” potentially you could sum these together on a Session ID or something similar, so that you could get a “Session Duration.”