Add a function of sending a step by mail

sometime we have a print function to print a step , then we print it as pdf and then we send it by email.

this could save time, to be able to send the current step by email .

Hey @ChirristopherOficial.

Thanks for this feedback! This has been a request floating around for a while in the backlog. There is a lot that can/will be done to improve email functionality. There is working going on right now to rebuild the email backend to enable some of the low hanging fruit we often get asked about when it comes to email. This new backend will be going into production releases in the next few months, and when it is proven to be stable we will start tackling some of the limitations of email actions.

Another underlying limitation right now is the rendering to a PDF is being done by the print dialogue, not Tulip player, so we don’t really have access to that PDF file, to be able to send it in an email. There isn’t yet work scheduled to address this limitation, but it is one we have identified internally and is something we plan on addressing in the future.

Work is going on in the next quarter to improve PDF support throughout the product which really is the precursor for a lot of added functionality like email attachments.

Your feedback is always appreciated!