Email a "step" to user(s)

Instead of printing a step, I would like the ability to email a step as a trigger action.

Basically, a list of action items would be populated into the last step of the app based on the inputs. Then email that step to a user through a trigger.


Hey Jordan, thanks for joining the community. What would the person that is receiving the step like to accomplish with that information?

I would like for someone to receive an email in the shown format. It would be a report with action items from the completion of a station audit app.

Okay. And does the person using the app have access to an email client after they have run the app?

Basically, I am trying to figure out if you were able to save an image of the step locally, if you could then send it out.

Yes, they do.

That would work but is there a way that can be triggered within the app?

hello @jjj, are you familiar with printing steps as a PDF (How Operators Can Print App Data Or Save it to a PDF)?? you could store the PDF instead of printing from the popup window: