Capture steps image as a Variable and email variable

Is it possible for a trigger on a step open page to capture an image of the page and store it in a variable. I need to then send this variable (image) in an email notification.

Hey Michael, Good question. I don’t think something like this is currently possible, but I will double check with the Tulip Team.

Could you tell us more about what the purpose of sending the screenshot on step enter is for? Once we understand the context and goal more, maybe we could brainstorm another way to go about this :slight_smile:

Beth, This is related to some standard work audits we are performing. Currently I have the app send an email when the “Audit Results” page opens with the information below. This will let people know the score, but I would like to be able to send a screenshot of the Audit Results page in the email instead of having to write out expressions for all the different variables and pending on what area we audit the variables may change so then my work would significantly increase to take into account all the different variables/expression pending on what area is being audited. If I can take the screenshot, it is a simple expression that can be viewed by the recipient without all the extra work on my end. I am open to any suggestions on other ways to achieve this.

+1 great idea @michael.wood

I an envisioning a system sort of like the “Print Steps” trigger that saves a snapshot of a step as an image. Then I suppose there is a separate but previously requested feature request for sending an image as a part of an email or SMS. This would open up so many possibilities for more dynamic emailing based on template steps, or even just logging a snapshot of what the operator was actually looking at on their screen for traceability reasons.

@danielpomeranz yes… you are spot on. It would work almost exactly like the print steps trigger and store that step to a variable that could then be sent in an email/sms. I do not have a feature request in for this as I was really just feeling the waters here hoping the functionality existed!

If this requests makes it to Tulip’s development team could we tack on the capability of having an new option for an email trigger to have for flexibility to create the email subject and body in separate inputs.

I know there was a similar discussion about saving a step as PDF and sending it by mail, use it as file variable or save it to a table immediately, without printing, local saving and uploading manually…

Maybe that is to consider as one topic together…

So it doesn’t look like this is feasible currently in the platform - the best you could do is print the step to PDF, they save that locally, and then use the file upload widget to store the resulting PDF to Tulip - but i know this isn’t what you really want to do here!

I went ahead an changed this to a product request so others can vote on it (I encourage you all to vote on it as well) and then the Tulip team can track the request :slight_smile:

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Thanks Beth! I would just like to ensure the final solution would be compatible if running on Android, IOS, or Windows device.

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Another use case for a screenshot feature like this for our team would be around reporting issues a user is having with an app.

We already provide them with a button to report an issue or bug they are experiencing, but it would be even better if we could grab a screenshot of the app at the same time.

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