Screenshot during app execution

Hi Tulip Team, I would like to be able to take screenshots of the app during execution and save them into the tables. Would be great to have this on the roadmap

Hey @Julian,

I totally agree that this would enable tons of functionality around interfacing with existing systems. A couple pieces of good news-

  1. There is work on the roadmap (coming quickly) to enable a limited set of documents to be stored to tables, this is the first step to be able to do what you’re talking about. Initially this feature won’t come with the ability to use the print step feature to store your form to a table, but it is something we have noted as a very logical next step. Should see docs in tables by mid summer, but unsure of the timeline to get apps automatically storing to tables.
  2. Custom widgets are a new feature where the platform can be extended with highly specialized widgets for specific usecases. I made a widget to do just this. It works but was a bit of a pain to setup. We have a team actively developing these widgets, I will connect with them and see if a more formal version can be developed.

Thanks for the great idea!

Hi @Pete_Hartnett,

Sorry, i must have missed your reply.
Thanks for your input. Did you have the change to connect with your widget development team?

Would be great to get some feedback on it.

Best regards

Hey @Julian -

Files in tables just launched about a month ago, let me write a req for this. This is significantly easier now that file support is native.


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