Add "Array" data type for Machines?

We are connecting up a PLC driven piece of equipment and the customer wants the alarm messages.

All 313 possible alarms are in bit arrays in the PLC, currently if I wanted to capture all possible alarms I would have to create 313 attributes which is of course silly.

The other option is to create 5-10 attributes and try to catch the top 5-10 alarms, but this is still less than ideal as there’s no way to distinguish the originating alarm from all the other cascading alarms.

Hey @Richard-SNN -

I linked this request to a similar request in the past. The challenge here is primarily the broad surface area that we would need to make changes to support this. Right now, there isn’t a pattern for dynamical length event ingestion, but there are patterns for this that we could use.

We have some work planned towards the end of the year to make it possible/practical to do mapping en-masse, but totally agreed that arrays as a native attribute type is where we want to go in the longer term.

Keep the great ideas coming-