Get machine data in checklist scenario

We currently have a checklist with classic steps types like Number, Text, Acknowledge, etc. (see Dynamic Workinstruction App).

Now we have the requirement to add another type: Machine attribute.

I don’t understand how I can enable the operator to create a checklist where he will be able to select the machine and the attribute and during checklist execution, the tag from the machine will auto populate a variable (text box).

Any suggestions?

You’ve got to have the machine tags in a table, then populate the variable against the table of machine tags. Are you using the dynamic workinstruction app mostly as written in the example, or have you modified it heavily?

For testing purposes, I am using the Dynamic Workinstruction App from the Library.

I have the machine data in a table and I can load the record. However, next, I would like to read the OPC value of the dynamically selected machine attribute. For Triggers, I don’t see the option to pass a variable for Machine or Machine Activity Field. It only shows the static list of Machines that I have set-up.

Okay that all makes sense so far. Here’s an example trigger (credit to @Pete_Hartnett):

I think there are also going to be some underlying architectural considerations that impact how to build this right. Couple of questions on that front:

How many variables from the machine or activity?
How often will you pull in machine or activity field data?
Where do you want to manage complexity: For example in triggers/variables, in one or more tables, in steps, etc?